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Best-selling color of the Nordic series

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Silestone Nordic Kitchens

If there is one place where you can enjoy the warmth of the home provided by the Nordic style, it is the kitchen. And, if this kitchen is also open to the rest of the home, the result is amazing. Silestone has created a whole collection of countertops, floors and wall cladding following the Nordic style. If you are looking for a neutral base in white and natural colors, check out Silestone Yukon Blanco, Bianco River, or Haiku. For a more defined white, choose Blanco Zeus or Iconic White. Based on this, opt for a subtle hint of greenish-grey with Silestone Kensho to achieve a harmonious and timeless result in true Scandi style.

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Iconic White

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Blanco Zeus

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Dekton Nordic colors

In line with the light and natural colors that remind us of birch or beech wood, Dekton offers its own range. These materials are ideal for large surfaces: bathroom walls or entire homes. Our selection is Danae and Edora finishes from the Natural Collection.

If you are looking for a more rustic and organic look for your Nordic style décor, we recommend the ‘wood’ shades of the Wild Collection. Makai Decapé or Aldem that reminds us of worn oak are different choices for your Nordic decoration.

Nordic Colors

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Natural stone in Nordic decoration

Sensa is Cosentino’s natural stone surface with a 15-year warranty. Sensa also offers options in line with a Nordic style décor. Our choice is, without doubt, one of the colours in the Sensa Premium Collection, i.e. White Macaubas. It is a Brazilian quartzite with a light background, marked by fine linear grey veins. A restrained and elegant choice to bring home the Scandinavian style you are looking for.

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Nordic style decorating tips

Cosentino offers limitless options to achieve a a Nordic décor in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, from cladding to countertops, vanities to shower trays.

  1. Choose a white or beige floor cladding that evokes nature. If it has any veins, they should be fine, and not too marked. The Silestone ‘wood’ colors are a great choice to convey the warmth of the wood.
  2. Create a functional and comfortable space. Keep a few pieces of furniture, but all of them carefully selected. Remember the motto of Nordic decoration: “Beautiful things that make your life better”.
  3. Opt for light wood, such as birch or beech, and organic forms, without sharp edges. Continue with the beige and white range with your furniture.
  4. Select fabrics made of natural fibers, such as linen and cotton, with a hint of pastel shades – grey, light blue, or even some make-up shades are good options.
  5. Enjoy a bright and quiet space that invites you to stay at home. Light the fire and relax.
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