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Cosentino presents the new image of Silestone®

With more than 30 years at the forefront of the world of surfaces for architecture and design, Silestone® – the Cosentino Group’s benchmark brand – is renewing its corporate identity, symbolising both an external and internal transformation.

As of today, Silestone® by Cosentino has a new voice to continue inspiring people through innovative and sustainable spaces, based on values that demand essence, personality, innovation, responsibility and humanity, qualities that have made Silestone® unique from its origin.

Silestone® launches a new imagetype full of power and personality. Its proximity, freshness and simplicity are combined with a key typeface, developed by Cosentino’s Image and Brand team and the independent consultancy Nadie, to provide the brand with a much more experiential and emotional character.


The graphic design is a restrained evolution, where the isotype + logotype structure, as well as the endorsement of Cosentino, are maintained. The isotype, where the essence of Silestone® prevails, continues to use its well-known “S”, evolving towards a fresher and simplified design to reach a new stage, and turns it into a memorable icon and an open window to welcome different graphic resources in the future, such as images, videos, textures or patterns.


Also for the first time, this isotype comes in two colours, Pantone® Warm Red C, an evolved shade of red, and Pantone® 629 CP, a light blue. The use of one or the other will depend on the application or thematic area.


The logotype, details and graphical elements of each letter complement the consistency and originality of the design, conveying modernity and simplicity. The 15 degree angle and bespoke typography convey this new, fresher and youthful universe, taking the brand into new spheres of design.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of a thorough rebranding strategy, which will emphasise the importance of life in the different areas of the home and generates new communication codes aimed at a new generation. 

A change of character, a new nature 

This new visual identity is also in line with the new responsible and sustainable character of Silestone® thanks to the pioneering and exclusive HybriQ® technology, developed by Cosentino.

HybriQ® is a technological innovation that sets a new standard in the market of surfaces for architecture and design, and changes the paradigm of the so-called quartz surface category.


HybriQ® technology involves two important changes:

At the production level, HybriQ® technology includes Cosentino’s own environmental milestones, such as the use of 99% reused water from production processes and 100% renewable energy.

In terms of composition, HybriQ® uses a new hybrid formulation of mineral raw materials with equal or better performance than quartz and materials of a recycled origin. This makes it possible to reduce the use of crystalline silica in the composition of Silestone® by 50%, achieving a reduction of up to 90% for some colours.


With this new composition, Cosentino creates a Silestone® with the same mechanical and technical performance, which maintains all its quality and hygiene certifications, and with an appearance that retains its timeless beauty, while also providing new design possibilities.

Thanks to HybriQ®, the Cosentino Group reaffirms its leadership in the sector and paves the way for greater sustainability, while contributing significantly to health and safety in the company’s value chain, with a special focus on the people directly involved in the production process.

“The Ultimate Mineral HybriQ Surface”

The world has changed, the consumer has changed, and sustainability and responsibility are now a requirement, a commitment and an unquestionable necessity.

Once again, Cosentino anticipates trends and opens a new era for Silestone®, “The Ultimate Mineral HybriQ Surface”, which from now on will define the brand.

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