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The presentation of the book C-Top Restaurants by Cosentino, at the gastronomic summit Madrid Fusión 2020, with the chef Andoni Luis Aduriz and the Marketing and Communication Director of Cosentino, Santiago Alfonso.

What do the chefs of Aponiente, Dani García, De Librije, Disfrutar, DiverXO, DSTAgE, El Invernadero, Mugaritz and Somni have in common? The Michelin star of their restaurants and also that all of them have put their trust in Cosentino for the countertops, tables, coverings and work areas in their restaurants. Image of ctop mockup 1 scaled in Cosentino presents C-Top Restaurants - CosentinoC-Top Restaurants is a unique tour of these nine exceptional restaurants. It is not a book about gastronomy or architecture, but a different approach to the talent of these prominent chefs. From a different perspective, it deals with the way these nine renowned chefs display their creativity in their dishes and in the interior design and architecture of their restaurants. Image of Presentación CTOP Restaurants MF2020 Aduriz 1 scaled in Cosentino presents C-Top Restaurants - Cosentino
 "If I sell excellence, I require an excellent space and excellent tools," pointed out the chef of Mugaritz, Andoni Luis Aduriz. "I needed an exceptional kitchen, the best possible, so that my team could be as exceptional when creating the dishes." The chef from Guipuzcoa claims that he could not do what he does without "this space designed in white color, a combination of a lab, which is really what we are, with so many tests, and a spacecraft".
Image of disfrutar 1 scaled in Cosentino presents C-Top Restaurants - Cosentino As a common thread of the book, each restaurant is linked to a concept that reflects its personality, while at the same time centering and structuring the story of the publication: 
Aponiente: Tide Dani García Restaurante: Crochet De Librije: Landscape Disfrutar: Matter DiverXO: Infinite DSTAgE: Curtain El Invernadero: Sprout Mugaritz: Mist Somni: Cosmos
Image of de librije 1 scaled in Cosentino presents C-Top Restaurants - Cosentino The book provides the opinions of the chefs on their understanding of the culinary concept, how they express it in their dishes and how they reflect the connection between their creative personality and the space of the restaurant. Likewise, it also seeks the opinions of architects and interior designers who have participated in the design of these restaurants.
Santiago Alfonso: "Throughout these years we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the best chefs in the world. This has allowed us to participate in their gastronomic projects, providing our know-how in state-of-the-art surfaces. In many cases we have jointly developed innovative materials and solutions that are making their way into domestic kitchens today. With this book we would like to thank those great chefs and also the architects and interior designers that have participated in their projects for having chosen Cosentino for the design of those spaces. We now show them our gratitude with this publication. At the same time we would like the book to be a source of creative inspiration both in gastronomy and in other disciplines.".
Aduriz:  "This will end up being a cult book, like a good wine that is increasingly sought and desired".

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