Image of Cocina blanca Dekton Tundra in Do you dream of the perfect white kitchen? - Cosentino

Do you dream of the perfect white kitchen?

Stop dreaming and be inspired

Although the shape of a kitchen and its layout determine how practical it will end up being, its colour is a key design element when it comes to imagining what our kitchen will look like, as it conveys feelings and even influences our mood. In today's video we bring you a white kitchen that will not leave you indifferent and will give you inspiration to design your own kitchen.

White, the colour of perfection and cleanliness, is the main colour in the wonderful kitchen of this new Kitchen&Co. video, presented by Daniel Colino.

Kitchen materials

Image of Dekton Tundra in Do you dream of the perfect white kitchen? - Cosentino
Image of acabado acero in Do you dream of the perfect white kitchen? - Cosentino
Image of blanco in Do you dream of the perfect white kitchen? - Cosentino

Functionality and design go hand in hand in these gloss white kitchen units

In previous videos of Kitchen&Co, we have seen different types of kitchen furniture, such as soft close units. But this modern white kitchen goes one step further, introducing for the first time units with folding doors and no handles.

In addition to their design and beautiful gloss white colour, the folding doors of the units are very convenient and safe to use: the doors lift smoothly and a slight push is enough to close them.

“The doors close by themselves with a slight push, so you can walk around the kitchen without fear of banging against them”.

The lower part of this wonderful white kitchen is also furnished with white units without handles. The units have three drawers where we can store all our kitchen utensils: the upper drawer can be used as a cutlery tray and to store our spice pots and knives; the central drawer is the perfect height for storing our dishes and pans; and the lower drawer, the highest and widest, is ideal for the larger pots and pans. In short, below the hob area we have absolutely everything we need to create our ideal dishes. Now you can design your kitchen in 3D.

“It's a great way to have everything you need for cooking on hand.”

Image of Cocina blanca Dekton Tundra 4 in Do you dream of the perfect white kitchen? - Cosentino
Image of Cocina blanca Dekton Tundra 2 in Do you dream of the perfect white kitchen? - Cosentino

Make your white worktop go beyond the limits of horizontality

In previous videos we have seen kitchens with an island or peninsula. This time we show you a white kitchen with a beautiful white gloss worktop that covers the perimeter of the wall.

However, the highlight of this white kitchen is not the worktop (which could also be combined with wood) but the splashback, which is also white and is cladded with the same material and colour as the worktop, therefore creating an effect which seems to extend beyond the horizontal plane. This also saves us from having to decide which tiles should be used in a white kitchen to protect the wall.

“Cladding the splashback in the same colour and material as the worktop is a great option to solve the problem of splashes on the tile joints in the hob area.”

As for the material, we have chosen Dekton® Tundra, which is inspired by natural stone and features beautiful grey veins that simulate the stones and rocks that we can find in nature. This colour is part of the Natural Collection Xgloss series and offers a dazzling brightness and a genuine and natural appearance.

If you prefer a Silestone® worktop for your white kitchen, we recommend Silestone® Calacatta Gold, from the Eternal series, which is also a great choice for such an important element in any family kitchen

Finishing off our white kitchen with furniture and appliances

If you thought the gloss white worktop in this beautiful kitchen was wonderful, then wait until you see how the rest of the units and appliances make it both stylish and functional.

To begin with, there is a 70 cm sink which is an ode to comfort and where we can wash pots and pans comfortably. In addition to this, it is manufactured in white colour to be in perfect harmony with the rest of the kitchen.

“We wanted the sink to be in harmony with the worktop, so we chose a white design.”

Under the sink there are two low, spacious units that are perfect for hiding our rubbish bins.

To the left of these units, behind an integrated door, is the dishwasher. It is completely hidden so as no to break up the white harmony of the kitchen and worktop.

As for the tall units, also in gloss white, they have built-in lighting to provide extra lighting on the worktop. You will surely appreciate the extra lighting when cooking and cleaning.

“The extra lighting on the worktop will be very useful in your daily life.”

Finally, we cannot forget about our fresh and frozen food. This kitchen has a full-height refrigerator and a three-drawer freezer. If we put both appliances together, we have almost three metres to store our fresh and frozen food.

“If we put refrigerator and freezer together, it gives us about 2.80 m. What a lot of space!”

Not sure about an all-white kitchen? Try these colour combinations

One of the best things about white is that it can be combined with any other colour. So if you think you'll feel more comfortable in a kitchen where white is the main colour, but not the only one, you can go for any of the wonderful combinations so popular nowadays. Our suggestion is a white kitchen with grey floor, or perhaps something more daring such as a white kitchen combined with wood? The latter option is particularly popular when combined with wooden kitchen units and Silestone® worktops for rustic kitchens. As we always say at Kitchen&Co, the best kitchen is the kitchen of your dreams, so we encourage you to design your own white kitchen and choose the colours you like best.