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  1. New minimal
In a complex world, the tendency toward simplificationIs is becoming increasingly valued by the customers. Now, our belongings and interior spaces are following suit. Pure forms in neutral color palettes that help us to feel lighter—without sacrificing comfort—at a time in which space itself is a true luxury.   Image of 1.Minimal 1 1 scaled in Discover upcoming designs - Cosentino  
  1. Footloose and fancy fringe
Echoes of a festive and luxurious era. Art Deco and the roaring 20s are making a comeback, joyfully renewing our living spaces. They allow us to reveal our own personality through the choice of colors that are decidedly bold and anything but subtle.   Image of 2.Flecos in Discover upcoming designs - Cosentino  
  1. Return to craftwok
Appreciation for its value is clearly on the rise. The sense of touch and organic shapes are back in the spotlight. It gives us a chance to relax and unplug from the (too many) hours spent in the digital world. New craftsmanship, always with a twist, has arrived to reconnect us with our most authentic values.   Image of 3.Artesanía 1 in Discover upcoming designs - Cosentino  
  1. Thinking green
  A bid for flourishing green spaces and evocative pieces. Pastoral ambience that turns our day-to-day into a true anti-stress therapy. Gardens are no longer relegated to the outdoors. They invade our homes replete with positive intentions, and we don't even need to remember to water them.   Image of 4.Verde in Discover upcoming designs - Cosentino  
  1. Minimal decorating
They say that true happiness is nothing more than a state of one's soul being liberated from the weight of things. Decoration has signed up for the joyous task of making the house lighter by playing with slim, light furnishings, and objects in glass, metallic laminates, or soft fabrics.   Image of 5. A la ligera in Discover upcoming designs - Cosentino   Text by: Jorge L. Uzal